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Dreco-Guie Correspondence #7

Dreco-Guie Correspondence #7
In which the South Amearican gardener is warned against, a final date is set, and Dreco ends his missive with flowery though meaningless words

May 23,2004

To: Arthur Dreco
From: Mark Guie

Dear friend,
Thanks for your sincere continued concern toward the sauces of this transaction and betterment of my family.

Note i will remain my family utmost pleasure knowing and working with you to achieve this foreseeable
future and build a long lasting future business relationship.

Too my attorney has explain to me how concern you have been and fully ready to help me out . please do bear with me for all this inconvenience which i know its not all that easy and please whatever you can do to
help please help as my family has now taken you like a God sent to us. too the attorney also informed me
about your last communication with him that you may becoming here on MAY.

First like i mention to the attorney that i will suggest that we make thing more easier and speedy up the whole procedures as you know that here Election will be on the 14 June which we don't know who is will favor either the ruling party or a new government might take over power and come up with new laws that will not favor our course and in this regards i have suggested to the attorney to discuss with the bankers if it will be possible for this transaction to be executed without you coming down here as long as you send the money to enable them to carry on the project on our behalf.

So you can as well write/call and ask him if this can be possible as he said it they agree to work it out that way it will only take 2 to 3 bank working days and the money will be transfer into your bank account
through the account you will open here.

Though after my talk with the attorney today, First my dear friend you most understand that this transaction requires absolute confidentiality and secrecy couple to its nature protection of the bankers that are helping us our both interest and my family security here in south Africa. why am saying this is that my
attorney informed me that you made mention of your Gardener who is from south Africa.

Friend first you most understand that we need to keep this transaction to our self that nothing jeopardies it successfully completion and too you should know that its not all those who are called our friend are so happy when they see use getting richer more then them, as such they can go to any lent to stop us being successfully. What am saying is that you should not by any means let the man from south Africa or any other person know about this transaction first GOD IS OUR HOPE AND LIFE, but this money its my life and my family only hope .

I hope that you understand me and i look forward to meet and celebrate this foreseeable future soon.
Extend my warmest regards to you and the family. May God bless

May 27,2004

To: Mark Guie
From: Arthur Dreco

Dear Mr Guie,

I appreciate your advice about the south African gardener. Fortunatly I did not tell him too much about our transaction. AFter reading your about this, I am realizing that greed is in his face when I talk to him. Or maybe it is drinking of cough syrup.

Anyway I checked the Ken Lay Defence fund and found it is only $19,400 so I am looking for some additional resources. I will have them in two weeks. That is why June is a good time.

I considered your suggestion of just sending the money but it seems too impersonal. I have heard so much about your family and communicated so much with you that I feel a kinship with you. I need to see you in person and meet your family.

I also want to discuss housing and investments in the US for the money you will be getting from your father's estate. I will bring some information about opportunities in my state, Minnesota. The B. Moose estate, which is 850 acres, including a squirrel park is available in Frostbite Falls for only $237,000. If you are interested in a business I know of a powder milk biscuit factory that can be purchased cheaply in Lake Wobegon.

I have renewed my passport and have made reservations to come on Thursday June 6th. Can you recommend a place to stay?

I look forwarding to the plasure of a personal meeting soon. Until then may the lengthening shadows bring eagles to your forcepts.

Best regards
Arthur Dreco

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  1. What about the Brooklyn Bridge--I think it's till available.