Monday, May 24, 2010

Dreco -Guie correspondance Part 3

Episode 3
In which Guie introduces his attorney, DR SMITH CLERK, and Dreco counters with his attorney, Algonquin J. Calhoun

April 27, 2004

Dear Arthur Dreco,
Thanks for your responce and great concern and i want to ensure you that all is well with me and my family and we realy appreciet your concern as it remain our utmost pleasure knowing you and building up a future longlasting business relationship with.

Morse all all content in your mail are well noted and understood and i will you to understand that time metter and it does not wait for any person. so we need to speedy up all proceedurs.

Note the agreement i am talking about is that which will protect you and my interest with regards to this transaction and the share of the money as soon as it arrive in your bank account which will be prepered by my attorney also i wnat to know if it will be possible
for your to come down over here like i stated in my lats mail that the attorney advice since you are representing as the next of kin that it would be wise if you can come here to finalze this transaction please indicate

Note i an fully ready to work with you in all asign and i will need your to contact my attorney urgent as to proceed for he is fully incharge of all the proccess and proceedurs of transfer and also expecting to see you online for futher talk hotmail msm or call

I want understand that this transaction is lagel and its 100% RISK FREE OF ANY PROBE. and it will interest you to know that. it requries absolute confidenciality and secrecy for it successfull completion. But for security purpose and in view of this i will want you to contact my chairman of the commission incharge of the bank where the money is deposited as he is incharge of all proceedurs.

DIRECT LINE 002773-221-7612

Please inform him that you are calling on behalf of the fund as You are representing the next of kin therefore acting on my family behalf ,also i have already informed him about your contact and try to get back to me as soon as you contect him and As we proceed all the documents if need be shall be sent to you to authenticate this claim and its proceedurs

Please bear with meido sincerely apologise for any inconvinence this may or will cost you as i look forward to build a long lasting business relationship with you and meet and celebrate with you soonext and i anxiously await to hear from you.

My sincere regards to you and God blessing
April 29,2004

Dr Mr Guei
I am interested in sppeeding up our arrangement also, but I have some question. Where are you that I need to come to? What countryi?

YOu mentioned your attorney Dr Smith Clerk. I have an attorney, Algonquin J Calhoun. Shold I have my attorney contact Dr Clerk or should I contact him

With wholesome wishes

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