Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dreco-Guei Correspondance Part 4

Part 4
In which Arthur Dreco is advised not to use Algoquin J Calhoun, Guie reveals his location and his attorney Dr Smith Clerk. Dreco raises some identity issues.

May 1, 2004
Dear Arthur Dreco
Thanks for your mail with all the content well noted and it remain my utmost pleasure like I do say knowing and working with you to achieve this foreseeable future.
Yes all content of your mail are well noted and understood and I do understand too that we need to speedy up the whole procedures Note Presently I am in South Africa living under the united nation refugee and that is where I am asking if you can come as my attorney advice that if need be as you are representing the next of kin that your present might be needed here to finalize this transaction.
For the attorney issue I have discuss that with my attorney and he advice that since he is here .acting on our behalf that its no need for your attorney to be involve in this transaction couple with the strict Confidentiality and secrecy that is attach to it and I do reason with him my friend as you know that its not all those who are called our friend/business partners, family member are so happy when they see that we are getting richer more then them as such they can do any thing to stop us. And for now all my family hope is on that money and I do not want any thing that will jeopardize it successful completion.
I hope that you can understand me and here is my attorney contact. DR SMITH CLERK EMAIL
You can contact him on this no as I have already inform him about your contact and Please endeavor to send to me your private phone and fax number where I can easily reach with you during and after working hours. If need be. Thanks for your sincere concern and I look forward to work achieve this foreseeable future with you and to build a long lasting future business relationship.
Extend my warmest regards to you and the family
May God bless?

From Arthur Dreco
May 5, 2004
Dear Dr Clerk,

I am contacting you on behalf of helping Mr Guie collect a certain sum from certain banking interests. I trust that you know of which I speak. i understand that I need to come in person to help in this regard.
Where in South Africa should I appear? Do you know of a place to stay?

One thing that concerns me. I am representing Gen Guie's next of Kin. General Guie I must assume was African. I am of Ukranian extraction and do not in
any way resemble an African. Am I a distant relative or do I represent the relatives in some mannner?

Please to let me know

Arthur Dreco

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