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Dreco-Guie Correspondence Part 5

Dreco-Guie Correspondence Part 5
In which Guie attempts to reel in his quarry. In his second missive Guie reveals the $22,000 endgame. Dreco counters with the South African gardener gambit

May 17, 2004

From Dr Smith Clerk


I acknowledge the receipt of your mail and I Will advice that you act fast so that we can finalize this transaction soon. Also GUIE family Have informed me about your willingness to assist them and act as his representative of the next of kin to MR ROBERT R GUIE and make the Claim.

For your information I will be expecting your Question and also will be making all the necessary Inquires with regard to the fund in their bank/security office and will let you know what and what you are needed to do in order to make this claim.

Be informed that I am an attorney also in the Financial Field working here in South Africa and I quit understand the claim you concern and being from Ukranian or your resemble an African does not matter as with my position I will handle every thing to a successful completion as Mr. Guie family has been a close friend of my Family and I have agreed in principal to help out be course of his family present condition and for your information you are to come to JOHNNESSBURG SOUTH AFRICA.

Note I will be giving you all that you need to know Soon and how to make this claim as I am already working thing OUT SINCE HE INFORMED ME ABOUT YOUR CONTACT to sort out all the difficulties That we may face along the process.

You are advice also to keep me informed also if it will be possible when you will be coming down here as your presence is needed to finalize the claim. You can also call me on this my direct number 002773-433-0887 for further discussion.

Yours Faithfully


May 28, 2004




Further to my last mail and after due consultation with the bank this office wish to inform you that all the necessary needed arrangement has been normalize to proceed in the transfer of the fund into your bank
account as soon as you arrive here and according to my bankers contact the bank have verified all the information I send to them with regards to this fund deposited and it transfer and confirm it genuine,

To enable us proceed in effect this transfer as I was informed by the under this act you are required to pay to this office the sum of US$22.000,00(twenty two thousand United States dollars only)

Note the Purpose of this payment is

1 First to obtain a notable certify certificate of oath at the high court here making you allegeable to make this claim on behalf of MR GUIE FAMILY as stipulated by the new south African banking

2 For handlings charges /stamp duties commission.

3 For the opening of none residential bank account here as it’s also required. But be informed that the money for the opening of the bank account will be transferring to your bank account

Note, According to the bank instruction that this payment should be made by cash Note: Traveler’s claque/bank draft/credit cards are not acceptable. Also

Be informed that I did tried my possible best to wave this restrictions and for the bank to deduct the money or you pay when the fund is successfully transfer into your bank account, but all my effort yielded nothing

Please feel free to contact me if you need any informed with regards to this requirement and also inform me when you will be coming down so that I caninform the bank. .

Yours Faithfully.


June 7, 2004


Dear Dr Clerk,

I received your note and have some questions and concerns.

I'm a little concerned about the $22,000 required.

We have a gardener who is still a citizen of South Africa. If I bring my gardener can I get a discount on the non residential banking permit? If so how much of a discount would it be?

If not, the $22,000 would take a little while to gather. However, we do have an account of that size at the Institute that was earmarked for the Kenneth Lay Defence Fund. If you can assure me that the South African funds will be available within five days after my arrival I could temporarily borrow from that funding.

I am concerned about carrying $22,000 in cash. Why won't the bank accept a check or travelers checks? Karl Malden has assured me that travelers checks are accepted everywhere.

I could most likely come in July but I would like answers to questions before.
In any case, thank you for trying so hard with the bank

Your with affectation
Arthur Dreco

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