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Dreco-Guei Correspondence Part 6

Dreco Guei Correspondence Part 6

In which Dr Smith Clerk, Guie's attorney rejects the South African gardener idea and resists Karl Malden's Travellers Checks advice.

May 18, 2004

ATTN Mr. Arthur Dreco



This is to acknowledge the receipt of your mail with thanks and i also want to thanks for the sincereness and full assistance/help your giving to Mr Guie family. But first i want to let you know this this transaction is strictly confidential and this most be maintain to see it to a successfully completion as you most understand that this all Mr Guie family has and put their family hope on.

Why am saying this is that its not that your ideas and view of coming with a south Africa citizen is a problem as that would have been better if possible .but this will not help matter as the banker who are helping us advice ,But rather will raise eye brown and create many question which will not help matter as such it might jeopardize out Chance an success of this transaction ,note it i do not involve a Gardner who is from south Africa as this will not go well with Mr Guie family as we discuss and they understand what it like. .

Note like i stated in my mail that this transaction as soon as your here will only take 5 to 7 bank working days and every thing will be through and the money transfer into your bank account ,So i will advice that if you have an account of that size at the Institute that was earmarked for the Kenneth Lay Defense Fund. Just borrow and let use from their and i assure you that when your here in South African after all the modalities and process /paper work the funds will be available within five days .

About carrying such amount of money in cash , Note i will advice if possible i can find/negotiate and get a bank account where you can send down the money before coming.So also this could also help matters and will make things easy for us and maybe as your here every thing will take place within few days since the money to carry all process of transfer is available at hand.

I also understand that or travelers checks and others are acceptable everywhere as Mr Karl Malden said But we have to act on the bankers instruction to avoid any jeopardy

Please feel free to contact me if you need any informed with regards to this requirement and also inform me when you will be coming down so that I can inform the bank. .

Yours Faithfully.


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